Friday, April 4, 2014

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A newly elected government needs to start over on high-technology manufacturing and procurement.

Comprehensive, Integrated Strategy & Execution

India has been coasting along on a post-feudal-colonial mélange of currents and tides, with the brigandage of opportunistic politics fed by our (the voters’) greed for short-term benefits. The result is grotesque populism and corruption in lieu of the deferred gratification of pleasing cities and countryside with the appurtenances of proper governance: sidewalks and drains, toilets, transport, administration and order, hospitals and schools.

We have to organize and manage ourselves, “engineer” our way ahead, taking active steps to build and develop our solutions, building systems and processes, and not just wait for things to happen. We need a comprehensive and integrated, systemic, silo-busting, problem-solving approach.

This applies across the board in the broadest “spatial planning” sense that integrates housing and land use at all levels with commercial, industrial, cultural, scientific and educational activity, transportation, and all governance and infrastructure: water, sewerage, energy, communications, basic health and education. Infrastructure being the first level of enablement is
 the essential starting point.

India’s leaders acknowledge repeatedly that infrastructure is India’s great need. Yet, they take no steps [Addendum: see below for the exception: NTP-2011 in October, 2011] to marshal forces to draw up a credible strategy and execution plan. This is what needs doing. Only good intentions and/or money won’t do, because delivery systems and processes have to be developed, i.e., planned, then built from scratch.

Addendum: The draft National Telecom Policy 2011 (NTP-2011) and its preamble reflect a comprehensive integrated systems approach, as
required. Announced on October 10, 2011, its development and execution remain to be seen.

Addendum 2: Then came NTP-2012, watered down.  And its development and execution...?  So far, an unmitigated disaster [August 2, 2013].